Interesting, useful and inspiring videos to watch right now.
Here are a few videos that will give you a taste of what we at YPN are all about. They cover a variety of different topics from how to find your next property deal in MINUTES through to how to raise funds for projects, how to invest your pension fund in property, how to check if your portfolio is not UNDERINSURED and how to use creative tools like option agreements to control property and mitigate risks when investing.


How to use your pension fund to invest in property. In this video we do a deep dive on accessing pension
funds to invest in property. We find out from one of the UK’s experts on what you CAN and CAN’T do.

We talk through just what is possible for those with SASS pensions, the regulations around what you Can and CAN’T invest in and why in the current mortgage market it’s more  important than ever to explore different funding methods. 

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The 5 biggest myths in investing in property.

In this video Ant and Michelle bust some common myths around investing in property. This is a great place to start your property journey as it challenges some preconceived ideas that many people have when starting out.

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Artificial Intelligence.

How to find your next property deal online in minutes.
Fed up traipsing around estate agents only to feel like you are not getting anywhere? Been looking for deals on the usual portals but struggling to find a really good deal?
In this video we show you how using one piece of software you can pinpoint motivated sellers and potential deals in minutes AND how you can use AI to generate communication to go direct to vendors.

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