The highest potential for cashflow, of all property strategies, in 2022!

There is more to Airbnb than just Airbnb! 
Welcome to the world of SERVICED ACCOMMODATION
We believe the best way to teach is through case studies, so we will share with you four case studies from people who have been successful using this strategy.
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On this training we will share with you:

What is Serviced Accommodation (SA)

How to become finacially independent through SA

Rent to Rent case studies for SA

Common mistakes made with SA and how to avoid them!

How to identify SA suitable properties

The various SA models and markets

How to pay less tax through your SA business

One of the best ways to systemise your SA business

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profit from the 2022 Staycation boom!

start or grow a Serviced Accommodation business, with very little starting capital

learn the steps you NEED to put in place to run a profitable, successful SA business

get the inside track from hosts, investors and property professionals, all working, RIGHT NOW in the highly profitable Servided Accommodation sector

Plus everything you need to know regards property tax planning, tennant legislation, finance, and more.

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So, why are we doing this now?

Serviced Accommodation is one of the most popular property strategies at the moment, due to the high cash flow that you can generate, BUT most people are not doing it correctly

If you get it wrong, you can end up giving yourself a very busy extra job, which is far from ideal. Many people have also set up their Serviced Accommodation business in a way which is in danger of being shut down if there is a change in legislation.

We’ve decided that it is about time that someone sets the record straight and shares with you how you can set up your serviced accommodation business correctly, not only to give you the income you want but also give you the time freedom as well

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Who is this FREE Serviced Accommodation training for?


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If you want to get started in Serviced Accommodation and more time than money

Property Owners

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If you are looking to maximise the ROI of your properties, by offering them as serviced accommodation and short term lets

Budding Hosts

If you have a great venue for serviced accomodation, or money to invest in a high cashflowing property strategy

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