YPN Total

Your fast track to property strategy knowledge

YPN Total – your fast track to property strategy knowledge

Sensibly priced property education aimed at giving you a solid grounding in your chosen property strategy.

Learn how to succeed from real, active property investors who are implementing these strategies right now.

YPN Total Serviced Accommodation

Profit from the short stay boom!

The ‘AirBnb boom’ means that renting property as short stay accommodation can be extremely lucrative. And it is one of the few strategies where you can create substantial income from a standing start. It’s also possible to get a serviced accommodation business up and running even when you are starting with limited capital.

However … not all properties are suitable for SA. Rent the wrong property as an SA unit and you could land yourself in hot water.

When you get it right, your SA business can grow quickly so it’s essential to it so that you don’t create a monster of a job for yourself.

With Total Serviced Accommodation you will learn the steps you NEED to put in place to run a profitable, successful SA business. A full six-month program of in-depth trainings from experienced SA investors and specialists.

Total cost just £99 per month.

YPN Total Development

Get started in refurbishing and developing property for profit.

Managing refurbishment and development projects are essential skills if you want to add value to flip properties on for profit, or to create equity in properties that you will keep in your portfolio.

Going over budget, getting a cowboy builder and simply not knowing how the process works are the biggest knowledge barriers to taking on a property project.

Now you can bridge the knowledge gap with YPN Total Development and avoid the pitfalls.

Live webinars every two weeks, a dedicated Facebook group for members and support from experienced project managers combine to give you the knowledge and confidence to start developing property for profit.

Total cost just £99 per month.

YPN Total Buy, Refurbish, Refinance Portfolio Builder

How to build an income generating property portfolio.

How do you create equity and turn one buy-to-let deposit into multiple properties? It’s all too easy to start investing and then run out of money. One of the things that will help you accelerate your portfolio-building is understanding how to maximise the funds you have available so you can recycle them for the next purchase.

Total BRR Portfolio Builder is your step by step guide on how to mitigate risk and buy the RIGHT sorts of properties to create equity and generate cashflow.

This is a proven model of property success but it’s essential to understand the fundamentals and how to crunch the numbers.

Over this six-month program you will learn everything you need to know to build a profitable property portfolio.

Total cost just £99 per month.

YPN Total Commercial-to-Residential Conversion

With changes to permitted development planning rights and the decline of some commercial property sectors there has never been a better time to look at buying up commercial properties cheaply and repurposing them as residential accommodation.

Commercial-to-resi can be a great way to create substantial lump sums of profit by selling the developed properties – or to build a portfolio at an accelerated rate if you are keeping them.

BUT there are a lot of moving parts. Not all properties are suitable and it’s incredibly easy for your development budget to spiral out of control. Even if you have some refurbishment experience, you will be working with a much bigger team that includes architects, planning consultants, (potentially) listed buildings officers and larger contractors.

In this six-month program we give you the truth about what CAN go wrong so you can avoid costly mistakes. We talk you through the process step by step, from assessing potential projects to securing the deal whilst mitigating risk, all the way through to staging the properties and managing the sales process.