Small university town & remote investing – can it work?

College Road

A different perspective on student HMO investing

By Raj Beri, Co-editor, YPN

Mention HMOs and investors automatically think of professional tenants, almost to the exclusion of the student HMO market. In an article for the August 2021 issue of YPN, Tim Brian of OC Living talks about his rationale to focus on student HMOs and on his decision to build his portfolio almost 300 miles from his home.

Tim Brian, OC Living

Ex-army man Tim discusses why he choose to invest hundreds of miles away from home and how the portfolio build has progressed over the year. In his latest and largest student HMO project, Tim and JV partner Sacha Brooks outline how the partnership was formed and the challenges & progress of the project. Readers will gain useful insights into setting up a distant property business and into operating a JV partnership.

Sacha Brooks

Tips for remote investing

They also share their top tips for remote investing:

Tip 1: To minimise risk, do your due diligence.

Tip 2: Learn from investors either by speaking to them or teaming up with them on a project.

Tip 3: Remote investing is very front-loaded, ie you will need to spend a significant amount of time initially visiting the location and establishing contacts.

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