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Your Property Network is at the cutting edge of creative property investing.

Since 2008 we have been showcasing how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things in property.

Discover strategies, techniques, how to raise capital and above all, how other people make money through property investing and developing.

In Your Property Network magazine, successful investors and developers share their project numbers and their stories. 

They also share their mistakes – so you can avoid making the same ones. Experts guide you through the intricacies of planning, tax, finance, being a landlord and legal obligations. 

Real life case studies feature ordinary people achieving extraordinary results in property.


Ant Lyons

  • Full-time property investor and developer
  • Co-founder of Your Property Network Magazine
  • Started with small one-bedroom flat investments and refurbishments
  • Developed a buy-to-let property portfolio
  • Achieved a single deal with over £100,000 in profit
  • 35-minute training covers finding the lucrative deal
  • Utilized 100% external financing for the project
  • Mitigated risks to ensure the project’s timely and on-budget completion


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