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Finance and Tax (Live Session)

Takeaway tax tips to significantly reduce your tax bill, saving hundreds to tens of thousands! Join our interactive, monthly tax & finance sessions with our expert-led team covering mortgage lending & finance updates and an opportunity to get your questions answered live!

Case Study Deep Dive (Live Session)

Experience YPN magazine brought to life! We select a standout story to explore in depth by interviewing the investor involved. We dissect the financials, discuss unexpected challenges—common in any deal—and present the case as both inspirational and educational. This is your chance to ask the nitty gritty questions live, reinforcing your belief in what’s achievable.

The Magazine

Receive Your Property Network magazine each month, available in both hard copy and digital formats. Each issue is packed with real-world examples of ordinary people executing extraordinary deals in the current market. Discover the latest trends, pitfalls to avoid, and connect with other members of our community through articles, case studies, and events.

WhatsApp Community

Stay informed and connected. Join the YPN WhatsApp community for regular updates on events and exclusive offers.

Networking (Live Session)

Find your Tribe. Network with members of our community, in real time, on camera. Join our Interactive Breakout Sessions to meet like-minded property professionals, forge connections that keep you accountable, and exchange innovative ideas.

Deal Clinic (Live Session)

Struggling to fund a project? Present your deal at our monthly Deal Clinic, where you can pitch to our residential expert and a group of potential investors. No deal yet? Just join to observe and learn how seasoned investors evaluate deals. Think Dragons’ Den, but live and interactive. We will also look at deals and give feedback, so if you want a second opinion on something you’ve seen then send it in!

The App

Get instant access to the YPN app, including archives of recorded video and audio interviews. Whether you have a specific strategy in mind or are exploring options, revisit past content to learn how others have navigated their property deals, accelerating your own success by learning from their experiences.

Our Power Team

Need expert advice? Whether you’re looking for a mortgage broker, tax adviser, accountant, interior designer, planning consultant, specialist solicitor, or website designer, just ask. We’ll direct you to one of our trusted contacts, ensuring you get the best possible guidance.

Get Started in Property Day

Exclusive to YPN members, this live online event is perfect whether you’re just starting out, seeking a change, or refining your strategy. Get an overview of all property strategies and the tools needed for your next step—be it buy-to-let, flipping, or beyond. Determine which strategy suits you best!

Buy, Refurb, Refinance Masterclass

Build your portfolio through our comprehensive 12-hour training focused on maximising property value and efficiently recycling your investment. Exclusive to YPN members, enjoy this course, valued at £497, for FREE upon joining.

YPN believes that anyone with the right attitude, skill set, and team can achieve financial freedom. Every day, our editorial team talks to ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary things in property, and we are on a mission to help 10,000 members of our community reach financial freedom.

From our beginnings as a print magazine in 2008, YPN has grown and adapted to meet the evolving needs of our members. We’ve built not just a magazine but a trusted community—a place for learning, inspiration, and connection with others on the same path. The magazine remains a vital part of what we do, yet we also offer a wealth of resources including educational webinars, formal training, and podcasts designed to provide you with the knowledge and accountability needed to achieve your goals.

We find and share the most creative and lucrative property stories, many of which require minimal up-front investment. Additionally, our partnerships with leading tax advisers, finance experts, lettings specialists, interior designers, and planning consultants will propel you forward in your property journey, helping you save and earn thousands of pounds.

Join our community today to start transforming your property ambitions into achievements. Hear directly from our members who’ve made their first million through our guidance and resources, and see how you can be next!

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