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Development: 9 Flats/2 SD Cottages & Development Plot
Loan £610k
Post Works Value £2.2m+

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  • How one Midlands-based developer made £446,601 clear profit, with 100% Joint Venture development finance

  • Why a national lender, with no shortage of money, has a massive appetite for providing 100% development finance

  • How a £120K warehouse was transformed into 46-bed student accommodation, now valued at over £3M


ANT LYONS, CO founder of Your Property Network Magazine 

My property story. Landlord, investor and developer for 15+ years. I have a sizeable BTL portfolio and am also a director of Your Property Developments Ltd specialising in developing large commercial buildings to residential units.

At YPN We launched Your Property Network magazine after the 2008 crash to profile how people were making money from property. I love talking to investors and developers, learning from them and sharing ideas.

Rory O’mara, founder of Closed Bridging Finance.

Since 2006 we have worked with the property investment community and understand the need to provide funds quickly and easily.

Our goal is to get deals done fast and with a minimum of fuss so that you the investor makes money – simple!

We are a boutique lender specialising in delivering short and medium term finance such as bridging loans to fund the purchase of Buy to Let Property via Auction or from motivated sellers.

We can also provide Development Finance and have access to the whole of market for Buy to Let mortgages for HMO and Single Let Properties.