Get Started In Property Investing

If you are looking to get started in property investing (or are re starting in property) then Your Property Network is here to help you bridge the knowledge gap.

Your Property Network magazine is packed with real life case studies of property projects, investments and developments by ordinary people achieving extraordinary things in property.

Every single one of our case studies is from a property investor who once started out as a “newbie” with little knowledge or experience.

Why is this important? At YPN we believe that ANYONE get can involved in property investing, creating cashflow and wealth from property. Starting out with limited funds or experience should not be a barrier to long term property success and that through Your Property Network you can learn from others who are out their growing successful property businesses and portfolios and avoiding the mistakes that they will have made along the way.

Your Property Network is a monthly magazine and APP that details in depth the strategies that are working in TODAY’S property market. In addition, we have a host of professional advisors from finance brokers, lettings specialists, Tax Accountants, planning consultants and many more who give their advice in the pages of YPN. Literally decades of professional advice imparted to you as a YPN member.

How to get started…

Rather than jump in as start making costly mistakes in property or booking a place on an expensive property course that may not be right for YOU we believe the best way to start understanding exactly what YOU want to achieve in property and HOW you will do it is to start reading Your Property Network magazine and watching the recorded trainings on the YPN app.

We believe in what we do so much that our trial subscription offer gets you 30 days access for FREE. Your first copy of YPN posted to you (if you opt for a paper subscription) as well as instant access to the YPN which includes over 2 years editions as well as recorded videos, audio interview and advice.

So whether you are looking to get started in buy to let, are interested in learning how to buy property at auction, want to build a serviced accommodation portfolio, want to buy Houses of multiple occupation, are looking to buy and sell property for property, want to undertake refurbishment and development projects or are looking to tackle your first new build development Your Property Network is there to provide advice and learnings from investors who are out there doing EXACTLY what you are looking to do.

YPN Packs and Guides – all part of your YPN subscription

Our editorial team have interviewed the brightest and the best and brought much of our own expertise in different aspects of property investing to create the YPN Guides.

Whether you are looking to get started in rent-to-rent or serviced accommodation, want to avoid the pitfalls in your first refurbishment project, learn how to successfully rent properties on a room by room basis as Houses in Multiple Occupation or are looking to source deals for profit, we have created a series of handy guides. The guides will give you a solid basis of how to get started, avoid costly mistakes and ensure your project is a success.

These YPN Packs are available to download as soon as you take out a trial subscription to YPN.

Instant access to the YPN Refurb & Development Packs – Digital copies
Trial subscription – how it works

When you set up a subscription to Your Property Network you get your first issue completely free of charge. You also get access to the YPN App with our full back catalogue of resources.

If you love YPN, leave your subscription in place and your membership will continue at just £6.95 per month automatically debited from your card.

Digital Only Subscriptions

If you live outside of the UK or just want to go green and not receive a hard copy, then you can subscribe to receive an electronic copy each month, simply choose the International/Digital Only option.

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