Introducing the Profit From Working With Estate Agents Course (worth £197)

Be the first person your estate agent calls when

they get a good deal and secure it at the lowest price!



As a thank you for subscribing to YPN, I’m giving you access to my Introducing the Profit From Working With Estate Agents Course (worth £197) for FREE!

This free online training will let you in on all of the extra tips and secrets I use to not only get estate agents to show me great deals FIRST but also the step-by-step process of how I secure the deal at the lowest price. It will teach step-by-step how to get the agent working for you, rather than you working for them.

This course consists of 20+ videos explaining step by step how to build a great relationship with them, how to get great deals from them and how to complete the deal at the lowest possible price!

It’s split into three sections – Background Information, Doing your Research and Taking Action.

  • Background Information – This section covers why you should be working with estate agents, understanding their perspective, the 5 steps to working with them, finding the best agent in your area and what to do when you meet them.
  • ​Doing Your Research – This section covers how to spot great deals online, how to find purchase options through agents, the right way to arrange viewings, how to make low offers that get accepted and exactly what to say to the agent.
  • ​Taking Action – This section covers how to respond when offered a property, viewing the property, making the offer, negotiating the offer, how to secure the deal and how to strengthen your relationship so agents continue to find you great deals.