Serviced Accommodation is much more than just AirBNB!

SA offers the highest potential for cash flow, of all property strategies, in 2022!

Join the YPN TOTALSA community and create your own life-changing serviced accommodation business, starting today. strategies, in 2022!

What is Serviced Accommodation and why now?

TOTALSA is definitely for you if

  • You have lots of time, but not much money to invest
  • Money to invest to set up a scalable, long term, hands-off income.

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So, what is TOTALSA?

  • A community of investors and developers, specialising in Serviced Accommodation
  • Access to the members only, exclusive, facebook group,
  • Direct access to experts and investors to get your questions answered
  • Unlimited access to all webinar recordings and resources
  • Group support, encouraging one another on our journeys
  • A resource bank of over XXX podcasts and webinars.
  • A weekly “ask me anything” facebook live, where you and the community can come together to discuss all things SA
  • Bi-weekly live webinar with industry experts, service providers and case studies
  • Case study focused learning
  • Direct access to experts and investors to get your questions answered
  • Access to industry experts and specialist service providers, like insurance and mortgage/finance providers.
  • Advice on how to raise private finance
  • Resources, templates, and checklists
  • Access to our team of Property-Specialist Virtual Assistants, who can help you with property related tasks (this service is chargeable)
  • Potential investment opportunities from sources
  • Distraction Free Serviced Accommodation content
A cautionary tail…

The greatest thing about Serviced Accommodation is that it is super easy and super quick to get involved in. You don’t even need to own a property, you could rent3rent a property, a quick renovation, add some funky or functional furniture, to suit your target market, get it on AirBNB and have it let in a few weeks… and the cash begins to come in.

Or not…. Because this is also the biggest risk of serviced accommodation. Because it is so easy to start, mistakes can be made which can cost thousands!

Firstly, serviced accommodation is a business and must be set up correctly from the very start, in the most tax efficient way.

 Mistakes made in how a property is bought, acquired and or held can have huge financial and tax implications. With Serviced accommodation being relatively new, mortgage providers are still working it out, so how you apply for and who you apply to, for finance, is critical. You need the bvery best financial and legal team on your side. People with experience in this industry.

It is also absolutely critical that you stack the deal correctly, so that you know it will be profitable, there is always an element of risk, but a well-stacked deal allows for under-performance and has contingencies for the unexpected. Do you know who to value a potential serviced accommodation? Do you know where to look to see the Airbnb values and occupancy rates in your chosen area? This information is key to a successful SA business.

Did you know that section 24 doesn’t apply to SA, that there is no stamp duty paid on SA purchases up to £150k? or how HMRC treat SA for capital allowances? All very boring but essential knowledge.

Do you know the trends for short term lets? What is the optimum number of rooms, what features should you include? Pet friendly, hot tubs? EV charging point? All of these quests and more are all answered in the webinars… and if you have a different question, DM us in the FB group and we will include it in the next FB live.

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TOTALSA costs just £99/month.

  • There is NO CONTRACT. You remain free to cancel at any time
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  • Unlimited access to all webinar recordings and resources
  • Weekly “Ask Me Anything” Facebook lives

Start a Serviced Accommodation business with very little of your own money

Do you want to
Start an Service Accommodation business?
Learn how to systemise your business from scratch
What is a channel manager and which is the best one to use
Have access to specialist mortgage advisors
Learn how to stack an Airbnb deal, so that you make money, and don’t lose money
Avoid common mistakes
What are the common mistakes people make when starting out
Best properties for SA
How to structure your business tax efficiently


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Here is a taste of what you will learn…

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The 12 tenant types your property must appeal to if you want 70% or higher occupancy rates throughout the year

What the top 1% of Airbnb hosts are doing to supercharge their bookings and halve their costs

✔ Why you can legally avoid the Section 24 tax changes when you rent Buy-To-Let houses you already own by the night

You can legally pay NO PROPERTY TAX for the next 3 years when you claim Capital Allowances on your investment properties. I’ll show you the simple easy-to-follow process to do this

Time-saving secrets to manage a short-stay rental property with just 3 hours a week… from your mobile phone