Doormarked: Making creative property strategies available to all

A PropTech startup connecting independent property advisers with investors and homebuyers

By Angharad Owen, Co-editor

Brother and sister duo Elle and Lawrence Todd are co-founders of Doormarked, a new PropTech startup with ambitions to change how people engage with the UK property market. Doormarked is a platform that connects both investors and non-investors to independent property advisors (IPAs) who can help them buy, sell or invest in property using different or creative strategies. 

Having grown up in a family of investors, Elle and Lawrence started investing themselves after inheriting a property. They started to learn more about the different rental strategies available, and eventually came across a couple of property education platforms. 

Creative strategies

After attending a few courses, they were introduced to creative rental and purchasing techniques. In addition, they came across other mechanisms for purchasing property, such as lease options. Upon realising how little-known these approaches were, they wanted to find a way to increase awareness and access to them, allowing non-investors find alternative ways to access the property market. 

The idea for Doormarked was born in the winter of 2019. They were both working full time (Elle as a doctor and Lawrence as an engineer), and worked on Doormarked in their spare time, figuring out how best to proceed with the concept. 

As the pandemic took hold and lockdowns were enforced, Elle continued to work in A&E, while Lawrence was furloughed. He decided it was the perfect time to give Doormarked his full attention. That was when they began to make real progress and started to receive some positive feedback.

Doormarked has a clever search function that allows people to find IPAs in their area. The search will show various results and let users know what services are available without having to look for a specific strategy. This is further filtered by location, so that users can find someone local to them. Elle and Lawrence want to make sure that Doormarked is a place where everyone can see who is operating within a particular area, so users have the confidence to make their own choices as to who they wish to work with. 

In the future, they would like to have more software as a service (SAAS) on the platform to help both their IPAs and users, particularly with regard to providing IPAs with features to streamline their day-to-day business operations and processes. This is very much a long-term goal, and it will depend on feedback to determine what users want and need. 

Read the full story about Doormarked and the challenges that Elle and Lawrence have faced while starting a property-adjacent business throughout the pandemic, in the December 2021 issue of YPN.

You can also listen to Elle and Lawrence chatting to Michelle Cairns on Your Property Podcast Episode 77: Local independent property advisors – coming to a city near you!

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