Making a profit on your first property deal, with no money down?

Sounds too good to be true.. But, it doesn’t have to be.
This lump of a building on Dale Road was my favourite deal.

Just 1-2 hours work a week

101K net profit

Less than 7 months

None of my own money down

Register now for this in depth webinar showcasing how I made £101,000 profit from 1 property deal using NONE of my own money.

My name Is Ant Lyons, I’m a full time property investor and developer and co founder of Your Property Network Magazine.

I went from buying small one bedroom flats and refurbishing them and refinancing to create a buy to let portfolio to this one deal that made over £100k profit.

In this full 35 minute training I will talk through how I found this deal, how it was financed (using 100% other people’s money) and I mitigated the risks to ensure this project came in on time and on budget.

I talk through exactly why this is my favourite type of deal and how YOU can find them.

No nonsense, no upsell. Real life deal in depth analysis.

Purchasing the building - £260,000

Refurbishments - £80,000

Fees (stamp duty, legal fees, etc) - £27,000

Average Sale cost per apartment 4 x £117,000

£ 0
Net Profit