Building a reliable income with rent-to-rent

Why Simon Smith switched from the glamour of music to the stability of property

by Phil Saunders, YPN writer and property investor.

In September I had the great pleasure of meeting Simon Smith and hearing his inspirational story while preparing an article for the November issue of Your Property Network magazine.

Coming from a successful career in the music industry, Simon had worked really hard to build up a career working with the stars. In fact, he had everything he wanted …except a reliable income.

You see, in spite of his great success, Simon’s income was still feast and famine and he was getting to a point where he wanted more stability in his life – along with a reliable income.

Property gave Simon that stability that he was looking for. He now specialises in rent-to-rent and in just a few years has grown an enormous rent-to-rent portfolio. Despite the Covid crisis he has continued to grow, bringing more of his close family and friends into the business along the way.

He now has a much greater, stable income from his business, and he has the more settled life he always wanted. It’s not been easy though. There have been many challenges he’s had to face along the way. He’s worked incredibly hard to get to the place he is in now and it is great to see his success.

Simon’s time is valuable so to be able to spend several hours working on this article together with him was a real pleasure. I look forward to further meetings with him in the future. Watch this space …

Simon’s story is in the November 2021 issue of YPN along with some case studies of his rent-to-rent HMO and serviced accommodation properties.


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