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Why Kazeem Balogan’s property journey is so rewarding

Some people are born with a natural entrepreneurial spirit!

In an article in the February 2022 issue, investor Kazeem Balogan talks about the reasons why he has adopted an entrepreneurial approach to his working life, and his motivation for the pursuit of success. Contrary to what you might think, he has not been driven by the material stuff that many equate these days with success. Instead, he wanted to make sure that he could provide financially for his family for life, in particular for his sister who had suffered a devastating illness.

He started in business at a young age and turned to property in 2012, purchasing his first property at auction. Following on from that, he focussed on acquiring one-bedroom properties in London and refurbishing them to increase the value. Even though he succeeded in getting 100% of his funds back out of these properties, he chose to sell them on because he wanted to be able to release capital for larger projects. 

Cookie-cutter approach

Kazeem is a great example of focussing on your strategy using the “cookie-cutter” approach to achieve success. But with an eye to the future, through networking he approached other investors and developers to visit their projects so that he could gain knowledge of working with larger developments. 

His own first development was a large semi-detached house that he converted into four flats. In addition to investing his own funds, he used private finance, then sold the flats whilst retaining the freehold. He has gone on to replicate this development model and now has a large pipeline consisting of a variety of interesting projects. 

In the article, Kazeem provides some great insights on what he has learned during his years in property, in addition to proffering some real common sense advice. 

From experience, he understands the limitations of entry into property investment and development that some people encounter, including lack of education and available capital. To address this, he is now sponsoring a London youth football team to help them increase their financial literacy at an early age. He is also looking at ways of helping “retail” clients get on to the property investment ladder.

If you want to feel inspired and gain some of Kazeem’s common sense fundamentals, this is NOT TO BE MISSED! To read the full article and details of case studies, subscribe to YPN magazine.

Julie Whitmore
YPN writer and property investor


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