AirBNB blueprint for property letting success

AirBNB blueprint for property letting success.

Make over five times the profit from an ordinary buy to let property. YPN presents Getting started with AirBNB, regular, reliable and repeatable income!

The ‘AirBnb boom’ means that renting property as short stay accommodation can be extremely lucrative. And it is one of the few strategies where you can create substantial income from a standing start. It’s also possible to get a serviced accommodation business up and running even when you are starting with limited capital.

However … not all properties are suitable for AirBNB. Rent the wrong property as an SA unit and you could land yourself in hot water.

When you get it right, your AirBNB business can grow quickly so it’s essential to it so that you don’t create a monster of a job for yourself.

With Total Serviced Accommodation you will learn the steps you NEED to put in place to run a profitable, successful SA business. A full six-month program of in-depth trainings from experienced SA investors and specialists.

Here’s what you will learn:

 How to make fives times more profit from Buy-To-Let houses you already own when you rent them by the night on sites like Airbnb and Booking.com

The 12 tenant types your property must appeal to if you want 70% or higher occupancy rates throughout the year

What the top 1% of Airbnb hosts are doing to supercharge their bookingsand halve their costs

✔ Why you can legally avoid the Section 24 tax changes when you rent Buy-To-Let houses you already own by the night

You can legally pay NO PROPERTY TAX for the next 3 years when you claim Capital Allowances on your investment properties. I’ll show you the simple easy-to-follow process to do this

Time-saving secrets to manage a short-stay rental property with just 3 hours a week… from your mobile phone

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