3 ways to get started in property when starting out with limited funds.

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How to buy property and build a property business when starting from scratch.

Here at YPN we don’t believe that successful and profitable property investing should be the preserve of the already wealthy. We pride ourselves on detailing real life investors showcasing real life deals where they have often overcome the challenge of having limited (or zero) capital.

We asked one of our own team to detail her own journey from full time secondary school teacher to full time property investor.

In this 60 minute webinar Michelle talks through in detail 3 different strategies she used on 3 different deals to create a profit delivering portfolio that enabled her to create an income stream that matched and then exceeded the income she made as a languages teacher.

There are important lessons in this webinar for all of us on mitigating risk, getting creative, finding a win:win way to do deals and ensuring that even if you are starting out with capital to invest you structure your deals so you don’t run out of money and can continue to grow your property business.


If you are thinking “here we go – they will be selling some expensive course at the end of it” then don’t panic.

We have nothing to sell on this webinar – if you find the content useful we will tell you a bit more about Your Property Network Magazine at the end – so no hard sell – no expensive courses or mentorship.

We hope you find the webinar informative and inspiring.

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