3 Top tips for using Assisted Sales

A true win/win strategy for both vendors and investors

By Raj Beri, Co-editor, YPN.

So, you want to make profits in property by doing flips? Well, you’ll need deep pockets to buy the investment property outright for cash or using expensive bridging. You’ll then need to add value through refurbishment. Hardly sounds like a strategy for the newcomer. But think again! In her highly informative article in the November 2021 issue, Trish McGirr highlights how she has been applying the little-known strategy of Assisted Sales for many years to ethically help vendors and also to generate profit.

If you’re looking to generate sufficient funds to buy an investment property, then alongside rent-to-rent, Assisted Sales fits the bill perfectly. Here are a few of Trish’s tips:

Tip 1: If investing money into a deal, commit the minimal amount to achieve the desired outcome for the local market.

Tip 2: Before investing any money into an assisted sale deal, ensure that the legal paperwork is in place to protect yourself and the vendor.

Tip 3: Once you have invested into a deal, ensure that you are managing the sales process by working very closely with the agent. Never lose control.

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