£0 – 5k property income per month in 2 years

Michael and Claire Gregory prove it’s possible alongside full-time jobs.

I often hear people saying that they aspire to be full-time property investors and not rely on a wage, but they haven’t got the time – full-time job, long commute etc. Good reasons or just excuses? As they say, “where there is a will, there is a way” or perhaps you might prefer, “work hard so you don’t have to work hard.”

Whichever quote resonates with you, it’s a certainty that it’ll be hard work and some short-term sacrifices will have to be made. Not everyone is up to the task or the challenge.

Michael Gregory and his wife Claire are definitely up for the challenge as they demonstrate in their article in the February 2022 issue. Embracing all that property education can offer, Michael is pushing forward very quickly having reached £5,000/month property income in record time. It’s not easy as both have long daily work commutes and both work full time. Neither is coming up with reasons (excuses) for not taking action. As Michael said during the interview: “It’s like having two full time jobs and it is proving to be very, very hard work.”

Michael’s top tips for accelerated, profitable investing

Tip 1: Don’t underestimate the amount of effort you have to put into becoming a property investor. It’s certainly not a get-rich-quick-scheme and although we have been busy for two years it feels like a lot longer purely because of the amount of work that we’ve had to do. We are essentially working two full-time jobs each.

Tip 2: Don’t overlook online portals like Rightmove – some of these deals are hidden in plain sight. What might not appear a deal to somebody else might be the perfect deal for you.

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Raj Beri

Co-editor, YPN magazine

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